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First Flight Tips

Flight Controls

Aileron Reflex and Trim: This refers to the relation of the ailerons to the wing. If the ailerons are drooping or raised the wing will not function as efficiently as possible and reduce the flight performance of the your
Rc Trainer. Make sure the ailerons follow the shape of the wing and adjust the control horns as needed to achieve this. Then adjust the trim so both ailerons are level with each other. Elevator Trim:

A "Trainer Aircraft" is designed to fly with little if any elevator input when first learning to fly. It is important however that you have enough elevator trim for the plane to climb out on its' own. Typically this is about 3-5 clicks down on the trim lever. With this slight amount of up trim in the elevator it will gradually climb out when launched. Be aware that more elevator input will cause the plane to lose speed and not allow it to climb out properly. Let the plane do the work, do not try to force it to climb. You will only stall the plane and lose altitude.

Hand Launching:

It is important to make sure you launch directly into the wind. If you attempt to launch downwind your plane will not be able to climb out and will crash.

1st Flight

The RC Plane will fly in a breeze up to 10mph. Once you start the motor running, toss the airplane into the wind but not too hard, you want the airplane to remain level to the ground. If you throw it too hard it may climb to quickly and stall. Flying: Once launched you will just use the ailerons to keep the wings level and let the plane fly straight away from you gradually gaining altitude. If the plane start to climb too quickly reduce the elevator trim by pushing it forward, if it does not climb add trim by pulling it back. Remember to make small adjustments. Do not use the elevator stick yet! If the plane wants to bank to one side or the other, use the aileron trim to keep the plane level. Once trimmed the plane will virtually fly itself! Next, start a gentle turn by pushing the stick over to the right or the left. Don't hold it! just get the plane to start banking over and let off, allowing the plane to continue turning. Next push the stick back the other way to stop the turn. Try making gradual or shallow turns at first, we'll get fancy later! If you turn too steep, the airplane will loose altitude so only move the stick a small amount at first. On your first few flights just concentrate on making big circles and let the plane gain as much altitude as possible, this will help if you do get confused.

The biggest thing to remember is not to OVER CONTROL! Let the plane fly itself through the turn. Landing: As the battery starts to die the plane will start to lose altitude. As this happens you must fly the plane into the wind and line up with your landing zone. Remember the propeller may still be running when you land, but don't worry, the kill switch will shut it off as it touches down. The most importing thing about landing is setting up your approach. This is always done into the wind similar to your launch. Make sure you keep the wings level and your Sky Scooter will settle down to the ground. Don't worry about landing too close to you at first, just getting it down in one piece constitutes a successful first landing. You can work on perfecting it later! There you have it! You've just had your first successful flight with your Sky Scooter. Remember.... practice makes perfect so remove your battery, let it cool off then charge it again for you next flight!

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RC Airplanes: Electric v. Nitro Aircrafts

At Parkflyers RC, “Electric Ready to Fly RC Airplanes and RC Helicopters” is our mantra. With electric RC airplanes, you avoid the bigger costs and dangers associated with nitro-powered RC planes. Additionally, with electric RC airplanes and remote control helicopters, you get a safe and environmentally clean way to have RC fun. Neither AMA membership cards nor RC flight insurance are needed to use our electric powered RC planes; also, you are able to fly within most parks around the country without a permit. Essentially all you need to fly our RC planes is an open field.

RC airplanes that are electrically powered have several advantages over nitro RC planes.. They are clean running, make very little noise and are easier to operate than Nitro RC airplanes. Electric aircrafts don’t require messy fuel, glow plugs or engine adjustments. Just charge your batteries, connect the wires properly and your electric RC plane will work without hassle.

Remote Control Helicopters

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At Parkflyers RC Electric Ready to Fly RC Airplanes and RC Helicopters is our mantra....