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Large Scale RC Planes ~ 500 Class RC Planes

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Cessna 182 1/5 Scale Super Class BUNDLE PACKAGE Cessna 182 Skylane Select Scale EP Tx-R DHC-2 Beaver Select Scale Tx-R
RC Planes - 100% Scale RC Airplanes RC Planes - RC Airplanes RC Planes - RC Airplanes
Cessna 182 1/5 Scale Super Class Art-Tech Ask-21 Prop Version Glider Stol 500 Class Paradrop RTF
Ask-21PV Version Glider
Our Price: $199.99
Stol 500 Paradrop RTF
Our Price: $219.99
RC Planes - 100% Scale RC Airplanes As a famous training glider, ASK-21PV is super scaled with very excellent gliding ability long flight time. Stol 500 Class Paradrop RTF
Cessna 350 Corvalis EP 2.4GHz RTF Plane Switch 2-in-1 Sport Trainer EP 2.4GHz RTF 45" RTF Plane AT-6 Texan Large Scale RC Plane
RC Planes - RC Airplanes RC Planes - RC Airplanes

RC Planes - RC Airplanes - World War 2

DHC-2 Beaver 59.5" RTF Plane Piper Cub Large Scale RTF Plane Cessna Skylane Pro RTF Plane
RC Planes - RC Airplanes RC Planes - RC Airplanes RC Planes - RC Airplanes
Focke Wulf 190 FW 190 RC Plane Sbach 342 3D Aerobatic 500 Class Electric RC Plane Wing Dragon 500 RTF RC Plane
Rc Planes

Rc Planes - 3D Aerobatic

Rc Airplanes
Mustang P51D 500 Class RC Plane AT-6 Texan Large Scale RC Plane Red Devil 500  RC Plane
RC Planes - RC Airplanes - World War 2

RC Planes - RC Airplanes - World War 2

Rc Airplanes - 500 Class - Large Scale RC Plane
Wing Tiger V2.5 EPO - 1/5 Scale RC Plane Cessna 182 1/5 Scale Super Class
Novice RC Airplanes - Rc Planes RC Planes - 100% Scale RC Airplanes

RC Planes, Remote Control Helicopters & More RC Toys!

ParkFlyers RC manufactures hobby grade quality remote controlled electric RC airplanes and high quality remote control helicopters. We use the latest in electronic toy technology - 4 CH 2.4ghz radio systems, high frequency mosfet speed controllers, high powered and efficient brushless motors systems, and interlocking modular airframe designs – to provide you with the latest and best features in RC planes and toys in todays market.

For the beginner looking for quality rc airplanes, our RTF aircrafts are ideal because they feature:
  • Easy access to all the electronic components
  • Open access design for all RC planes & helis
  • Separated electronics that are not integrated into cheap ALL In ONE parts
  • Pre-wiring (no guess work with the electrical connections)
  • All Planes are Pre Painted and fully decorated (no tedious painting needed before flying)
  • 100% full quality control at each step of manufacturing process. QC Card included in all kits

We offer Novice/Beginner RC aircrafts as well as Intermediate and advanced 3D RC airplanes and electric RC helicopters at Parkflyers RC. All of our RC RTF airplanes come ready to fly and are all inclusive, featuring hobby grade RC components that can be reused in most all speed 400 class RC aircraft applications. All the electronic components of our RC planes and products are pre-installed from the factory. There is no guess work or delay in getting your RC plane out of the box and into the air.

RC Airplanes: Electric v. Nitro Aircrafts

At Parkflyers RC, “Electric Ready to Fly RC Airplanes and RC Helicopters” is our mantra. With electric RC airplanes, you avoid the bigger costs and dangers associated with nitro-powered RC planes. Additionally, with electric RC airplanes and remote control helicopters, you get a safe and environmentally clean way to have RC fun. Neither AMA membership cards nor RC flight insurance are needed to use our electric powered RC planes; also, you are able to fly within most parks around the country without a permit. Essentially all you need to fly our RC planes is an open field.

RC airplanes that are electrically powered have several advantages over nitro RC planes.. They are clean running, make very little noise and are easier to operate than Nitro RC airplanes. Electric aircrafts don’t require messy fuel, glow plugs or engine adjustments. Just charge your batteries, connect the wires properly and your electric RC plane will work without hassle.

Remote Control Helicopters

ParkFlyers brand new RC Helicopters division has the latest in 3 and 4 channel micro helicopters. These remote control helicopters feature the easy-to-fly, dual rotor helicopters that almost anyone can successfully navigate. Because all of our RC controlled helicopters have built in Gyroscopes, even the 1st time flyer will be able to hover them with ease. Some of our RC RTF Helis comes with USB chargers that help speed up charge times. All of our remote control helicopters are electric and 100% environmentally friendly. That means no dangerous nitro gas fumes!

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At Parkflyers RC Electric Ready to Fly RC Airplanes and RC Helicopters is our mantra....