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Baja 2nd Gen. High Flow Fuel Line Kit
Baja 2nd Gen. High Flow Fuel Line Kit
Baja 2nd Gen. High Flow Fuel Line Kit

Our Price: $24.99

Product Code: 5B004


This is our new 2nd generation updated high flow fuel line kit for the Baja and other 5th scale trucks.  The new fully machined brass fittings and high quality Tygon fuel line allow for unrestricted fuel flow with this setup. Bring your engine back to life and get rid of those stock restrictive fuel lines! This kit not only allows better fuel flow and more power out of your engine but it also routes you fuel lines in a much cleaner and more professional manner.  These new fittings are perfectly sized to the supplied fuel line. The barbs are integrated into the fittings and they hold super tight in the rubber grommet. You get a full unrestricted fuel flow with 0.125" ID from the tank to the carburetor.

The stock setup on most 5th scale trucks creates a restriction where the fuel lines enter the tank through the rubber grommet.  This is the fix for this common issue. This kit will increase your flow, prevent restriction and increase the horsepower of any engine!  Kit includes two assembled brass fittings, fuel line clips and two feet of high quality Tygon fuel line.

  • Fits the HPI Baja series