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FAQ Section

How do I Set-Up a 72Mhz Radio with its 72 mhz Receiver?

Channel 1 Ailerons, Channel 2 Elevator, Channel 3 Speed control, Channel 4 Rudder. Make sure polarity is hooked up properly. Black wire to negative terminal. White wires on all servo plugs should face up toward top of receiver.

How do I Set-Up (bind) a 2.4 ghz Radio with its 2.4 Ghz Receiver?

1) Make sure radio is off, and that the battery is un-plugged from the plane.
2) Click in the binding mode button on lower left side of Radio (transmitter).
3) Insert Binding plug into battery channel (labeled "BATT") on receiver.
4) Turn the Radio on and connect the battery to the rc vehicle.
5) Un-click the binding mode button on the radio (so its in the out position)
6) Now pull out binding plug from the receiver. You should be now have successfully bound your 2.4 ghz rc radio

How do I get best Radio Range?

In order to achieve maximum range on radio please do the following. 1) Make sure to use fresh batteries. 2) Do not fly near power lines . 3) 72mhz radios only, extend metal antenna all the way. On the 2.4 ghz Radio not needed.

What conditions can I fly my plane in?

Avoid flying in windy conditions that have more than 5-7 mph winds. This can cause your aircraft to lose control and crash.

How do I do Servo Reversing?

All radios have servo reversing. Reversing the servos can be done by removing sticker from lower frontal portion on radio. This is only needed when using our radio with another plane.

How do I Fix the plane after a crash?

The best way to fix your plane is with a 2 part 5 minute Epoxy. Epoxy is strong enough to fix any foam part on the plane. Do not use CA glue(crazy glue type) ! it will melt foam.

Plane has decreased power, why?

This can happen from the following reasons. 1) Motor shaft bent due to frontal crash 2) Prop damaged 3) Battery damaged from over charging. 4) Any added weight to plane. 5) Lipoly battery left in the rc vehicle for extended periods of time.

Servo doesn’t work?

Servo can easily be damaged due to a crash. Servo has tiny teeth inside that can break. Plug broken servo into another channel on receiver to make sure the channel on Receiver has not gone bad.