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Parkflyers RC Dropship program

Our Price: $99.99

Product Code: DSFEE


Dear Customer,

Welcome and Thank you for becoming a part of the Parkflyers RC Drop Ship Team!

This is a payment screen for the Parkflyers RC Dropship fee.

Please note, as dropshipping is a service no refunds will be issued.

Your account has been approved and activated for level 1 pricing (wholesale) at the portal.

To get started: Visit and login with your username (email address) and use “password” for your initial password. We recommend changing the password to your own for added security.

Product, pictures, and descriptions: Please note that all the custom images on our website are copyrighted and not for public use.

We have put together a public image folder link within the
DS Resources page. The resources page can be found on the lower menu on our website. Descriptions and product specifications may be taken from the website. Please add your own text to the product TEXT for better google search results ! This is critical. Google will penalize your for duplicate content. It takes a few weeks for your products to show up on GOOGLE. Be patient. Make your listings CLEAN and well organized. Check and Re-Check your spelling as this does matter.

There are 3 ways to place orders:

1- Via the website at using our SSL secure shopping cart.

Please note that shipping charges are generated automatically based on the total dollar amount. and the products DIM weight. There are no added drop ship fees!

2- Via Fax 732-363-6874

3- Via Phone (toll free) @ 1-800-470-8932

For processing and shipping questions please email

For technical questions, product info or bulk order, please email

Product Availability/DS Resource Link: You can log into and click on the Dealer Resources link to obtain our latest product pictures, product inventory status, and notifications.

Important Pricing Note: Please note that we do have strict MAP pricing in place and we DO enforce our MAP pricing guidelines in order to make pricing fair to everyone. Those who go below MAP pricing will not have their orders filled, and possibly face account termination. Please note that re-selling on Amazon is not permitted.

General Shipping Rate Table: Over sized products will have surcharges based upon dim weight and location. Shipping Charges are actually lower then our posted rates….

Ground Cost

0 - 19.99 $ 6.49

20 - 49.99 $8.99

50 – 129.99 $ 11.99

130 – 159.99 $ 12.99

160 – 199.99 $ 14.99

200 – 249.99 $ 18.99

250 – 299.99 $ 20.99

300 – 399.99 $ 22.75

400 – 599.99 $ 28.00

600 – 800 $ 38.00

800.01 – 1,000 $ 60.00

1,000.01 – 2,000 $ 55.00

2,000.01 – 4,000 $ 77.00

4,000.01 – 6,000 $ 75.00

Good Luck and Thank You for joining the Parkflyers Team

Please note, as dropshipping is a service no refunds will be issued.

All International customers must pay using paypal.