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RealFlight 6.5 w/Mode 2 "USB InterLink Elite" Transmitter
RealFlight 6.5 Flight Simulator
RealFlight 6.5 Flight Simulator

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This is Great Planes RealFlight 6.5 Flight Simulator, with an included Mode 2 "InterLink Elite" Transmitter, and Airplane Mega Pack. RealFlight 6.5 is here, and it’s loaded with even more realism and vastly improved heli physics. The feel and response is as real as it can possibly get. RealFlight 6.5 is also an incredible value. No other flight sim offers the variety of aircraft, and with RealFlight 6.5 you get a bonus Mega Pack, with either additional airplanes or helis. With so many aircraft and flying site choices, a controller designed for flying helis and more convenient features, RealFlight 6.5 is setting the bar even higher! 

The multi-patented, easy to use InterLink Elite is also the most versatile flight sim controller you can get. It's designed after Futaba's popular 6EX, and even has digital trims! But, if you prefer to use your own R/C transmitter, the interface you need is already built-in. With MultiMode™ you can even use the controller and interface simultaneously — a feature no other simulator has! 

RealFlight 6 Features: 

  • Improved Heli Physics: RealFlight 6.5 is now loaded with even more realism throughout, with vastly improved heli physics! Expert pilots such as Brian Bremer, Matt Botos, Bobby Watts and others worked with RealFlight engineers to program increased precision and incredible heli performance. These experts made sure RealFlight reacts exactly like real life — so that feel and response is as real as it can possibly get.
  • Now with Rewind: Want to practice maneuvers, or recreate the same aerobatics over and over? Just hold down the Reset Button to stop your current flight, go back to any point in the flight, and start flying again from that point. After a crash, you can rewind to before the crash happened, and work on correcting what caused the crash — as many times as you want.
  • Heli Safety Alerts: Provides a checklist of safe flying practices you should follow when flying your actual R/C model.
  • Loads quickly: Makes loading a new aircraft or flying site super-fast. Just start typing the name, and choices are instantly displayed for you to select from.
  • Edit aircraft quickly: Make simple changes to a RealFlight aircraft that will accurately reflect the flight characteristics of your actual R/C model — with just a couple of keystrokes.
  • Sound and Motion Physics: Enjoy more realism in sight and sound! Watch props and wheels blur while moving – and hear how the engine noise changes with RPM.
  • Wingtip and Rotary Trails: Trace your aircraft's flight path!
  • Smoke Reaction: Ultra-realistic smoke and exhaust.
  • Choose extra airplanes or extra helis!: Imagine flying a different plane or heli every day for months; with RealFlight 6 you can! In addition to over 85 models with the RealFlight 6.5 software you also get your choice of an Airplane Mega Pack with over 35 extra planes or a Heli Mega Pack with over 45 additional helis.
System Requirements: 
  • Minimum Recommended System:
    • Some graphical features may be disabled. Aerodynamic calculations will remain high quality.
    • Windows* XP, Windows* Vista® or Windows* 7 (Local administrator access required.)
    • Intel® Pentium® 1.0GHz or equivalent
    • 512 MB RAM
    • 4.5 GB Hard Drive Space
    • DVD Drive
  • 3D Accelerated Video with:
    • 32 MB Dedicated Video Memory
    • Full Windows DirectX® 9 compliance (Pixel Shader 1.4 support)
    • USB Port
  • Optimal System (For best graphic performance):
    • Dual Core 2.4GHz CPU
    • 2 GB RAM
    • 3D Accelerated Video with: 512 MB dedicated video memory Pixel Shader 3.0 support
  • Multiplayer Requirements:
    • Broadband Internet connection
    • Computer microphone for voice chat
  • InterLink® Elite Controller:
    • USB Port
    • Compatible FM or FM-selectable transmitter (if using the interface mode)
    • Activation Required
NOTE: The connectors on the InterLink Elite cord and included adapters make the InterLink Elite compatible with the trainer jacks on most Futaba® and all JR®, Spektrum® and Tower Hobbies® systems. Special adapters for use with most older Futaba and Hitec® systems are available separately. 

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