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Traxxas Alias 720 HD Camera
Traxxas Alias HD Camera
Traxxas Alias HD Camera

Traxxas Alias HD Camera
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Product Code: 6660

New ! Alias 720p HD Digital Camera and get a birds-eye view of the world from your Alias EP 2.4GHz RTF!

It’s very easy to install and the integrated design lets you attach and then control all the functions from the Alias transmitter.

Takes very crisp and clear 720p HD video as well as 12MP still photos !!

You can stop and start recordinf direct from your Alias Controller ! Amazing !

Requires: Micro SD Class 10 memory card with at least 16gig capacity.

Traxxas Alias HD Camera Tips

Make sure you use at least a “Class 10 Micro SD card” with adapter and that its at least 16gig in size.
You’ve honed your flying skills and mastered stable hovering, now it’s time to take things to the next level and get a new perspective. Here’s some quick information for capturing footage with your new Alias Digital Camera.
Before you begin, ensure that your Alias Digital Camera is installed correctly and fastened securely.
While you can fly with the Alias Digital Camera on at any time, to capture share-worthy footage you will need to maximize the camera’s capabilities.
If you are comfortable with it, fly your Alias in Expert Mode. This provides a smoother flight and clearer image since the 6-axis stabilization isn’t trying to level your Alias. If you are not quite ready to fly in Expert Mode, there’s no need to worry. You can still capture amazing footage in the other two flight modes.
Next, let’s talk about some factors exterior to the Alias: light and wind.
For some of the best and clearest footage, we recommend flying outside when there is adequate natural lighting. Ideally, clear blue skies with a bright sun provide the greatest opportunity to catch crisp, clear footage. Try to avoid flying during the early morning or late evening hours when there is very little or no natural lighting.
Another way to help keep your Alias and Digital Camera stable and capture the crispest image possible is to fly your helicopter when there is little to no wind. If it’s breezy outside, plan on getting footage on another day. The calmer the wind, the less you and your Alias have to fight to achieve stable flight.
Enjoy the new perspective with a bird’s-eye view of your surroundings. Experiment with capturing photos and videos. You can film or take pictures of your neighborhood, friends on their bikes, an R/C bash session, the next family cookout -- the only limitation is your imagination.