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Traxxas 1/10 Revo 3.3 4WD TQi RTR

Traxxas Revo 3.3 1/10 Scale 4WD Monster Truck - RC Cars

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Traxxas Revo 3.3 1/10 Scale 4WD Monster Truck - RC Cars
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Advanced TQi 2.4GHz Radio System with Docking Base

Traxxas models deserve the world's most advanced Ready-To-Race ® radio system. The radio system after all is the sole connection between the driver and machine. It has to be precise, comfortable, powerful, and reliable. The all-new Traxxas® TQi™ radio system arrives with a full complement of tuning features; long-range, high-output, 2.4GHz signal, and proven Traxxas reliability for rock-solid performance. It's so advanced; it doesn't even need an external antenna. However, the most important new feature may already be in your pocket. The Revo 3.3's TQi transmitter is equipped with an accessory Docking Base that turns your iPhone® or iPod touch® into a powerful tuning tool for your Traxxas model. The device display combines with the Traxxas Link™ App to deliver an intuitive, high-definition, full-color graphical user interface that unlocks the mysteries of optimizing your radio system for ultimate vehicle control.

Only Traxxas gives you the power to unlock the full potential of the new Traxxas TQi Radio System with Traxxas Link, the custom application that integrates your iPhone or iPod touch with the TQi transmitter. Gone are the clunky controls and blocky monochrome graphics of yesterday's radio systems. This powerful App gives you complete control over the operation and tuning of your Traxxas radio controlled model with an intuitive, high-definition graphical user interface. Install Traxxas Link telemetry sensors on the model, and Traxxas Link displays real-time data such as speed, RPM, temperature, and battery voltage with stunning graphics. Traxxas builds the world's fastest Ready-To-Race radio-controlled models, capable of speeds that exceed 100mph. That level of performance demands precision control. Traxxas Link gives you the tools for exacting adjustment and superior control while always keeping you informed on your model's status and speed.

Factory Installed Telemetry Sensors

With factory installed telemetry sensors, Traxxas Link collects and records real-time telemetry data as you drive. The Traxxas Link dashboard comes to life showing you speed, battery voltage, RPM, and temperature. The application automatically detects and recognizes Traxxas Link sensors for easy set up and configuration. The dashboard is fully customizable with either dial or digital readout gauges. Up to nine gauges can be displayed at once. Set threshold warnings and log maximums, minimums, or averages. Use the recording function to document your dashboard view, with sound, so that you can keep your eyes on your driving and not miss a single apex. If you forget to record, simply touch Instant Replay anytime to capture the previous minute of fun and unexpected triumphs. The recordings can be named, saved, and shared with others.

Intuitive iPhone and iPod touch Interface
Traxxas Link makes it easy to learn, understand, and access the powerful tuning options built into every Traxxas TQi radio system. Control your Drive Effects settings such as steering and throttle sensitivity; steering percentage; braking strength; and throttle trim by simply touching and dragging the sliders on the screen, or enabling the Multi-Function knob on the transmitter. Everything happens live, on-the-fly, giving you instant feedback on your changes.

5-channel Micro Receiver with Fail-Safe Security
The TQi 2.4GHz micro receiver fits easily into any vehicle, and features dual channel-1 outputs for easy installation in vehicles with dual steering servos—no Y-harness necessary! The integrated LINK button makes it fast and easy to bind the receiver, and the two-color LED indicates power-on and bind status for fool-proof control and convenience. Traxxas Link Model Memory allows the receiver to recognize up to thirty TQi 2.4GHz Traxxas Link enabled transmitters—just switch on and drive. In the event of signal loss due to an accidental switch-off or depleted batteries, the receiver will automatically return the throttle to neutral and hold the last commanded steering position. The Fail Safe programming is built-in and does not need to be set or activated. Three telemetry ports are incorporated in the 5-channel receiver to allow real-time data to be transmitted from your Traxxas model to the TQi transmitter.

Wider, Taller, More Aggressive Monster Stance
The new Revo 3.3's class-leading monster performance is reflected in its muscular new body shell and high-riding stance. Now a full inch wider with the greater offset of its Geode™ wheels, the new Revo 3.3 is an even more menacing off-road machine. Massive 6.3" Maxx tires are the claws of this nitro-burning beast, and raise its already high ground clearance for total domination no other monster can match.

ProGraphix Painted Body
The new, wider Revo body comes fully trimmed and painted for sinister style with no finishing required. Decals are also applied to save time and get you driving just minutes out of the box. Traxxas' ProGraphix bodies are the hottest looking lids around, with custom style even pro painters can't duplicate.

Included NiMH Receiver and EZ-Start Battery Packs
Revo 3.3 is Ready-To-Drive™, complete with rechargeable NiMH batteries for the on-board radio gear and EZ-Start ® electric engine starting system. In addition to the cost savings of replacing disposable alkaline cells with a rechargeable receiver battery, the 5-cell Traxxas NiMH 1200mAh receiver pack also provides superior performance with Revo 3.3's high-torque digital servos. For reliable engine-starting performance, the included EZ-Start pack features rugged construction and high-capacity cells for all-day power. When it's time to recharge, reach for the included wall chargers. Only Traxxas offers an RTR nitro monster truck package that is so complete.

Dual Digital, High-Torque,
Waterproof, Ball-Bearing Steering Servos

Revo 3.3 uses dual 2075 steering servos, each producing 125 oz.-in. of torque for a combined 250 oz.-in. of tire-turning twist. The twin servos are lighter and more compact than a single large servo, and together they deliver unmatched monster steering response and quick .16-second transit time. Digital circuitry and ball-bearing output shafts gives these servos incredibly precise centering, lightning-fast response, and superior power. And they're waterproof! When not even water can get in, you can be sure dust and dirt don't stand a chance.

Geode™ Wheels
Traxxas Geode wheels offer an extra half-inch of offset to increase the Revo 3.3's width by a full inch for greater stability in rough terrain and superior cornering grip. The beefy six-spoke design is extra strong and uses Traxxas' exclusive 17mm splined hex to withstand off-road abuse. The show-chrome finish adds custom style. The Geode wheels also accept Traxxas' beadlock-style rings (sold separately) for an instant matching or contrasting dose of color with the benefit of extra protection for the rim/sidewall joint.

6.3" Maxx Tires
Designed for true multi-terrain versatility, the soft compound Maxx tires maximize performance for tenacious traction no matter where nitro-powered monster fun takes you. On dirt, the aggressive treads claw for traction providing superior bite and massive roosts, and on pavement the forgiving side grip allows the tire to power-slide while maintaining a sure-footed neutral feel. It's go-anywhere performance you can only experience with a Revo.

Heavy-Duty Reversing Transmission With OptiDrive®
Only Traxxas offers a no-compromise reversing transmission with seamless power delivery, positive engagement, and smooth, responsive acceleration in forward and reverse. You get all the fun and convenience of reversing capability, without the penalty of weight and complexity inherent in an all-mechanical system. The secret is Traxxas' exclusive OptiDrive Electronic Shift Module, a microprocessor-based controller that senses vehicle speed and optimizes forward and reverse shifting. OptiDrive allows constant drive engagement, so shifts are fast and seamless. The electronic control also prevents accidental shifting at speed; the shift module will only allow the transmission to shift when the Revo 3.3 has slowed to a safe speed. In addition to providing the absolute best performance, the OptiDrive system allows a lighter transmission with fewer moving parts for reduced inertial mass and greater torque handling.

Traxxas Top Fueler Fuel Bottle
A fuel-filler bottle is a must-have for any nitro machine, and the premium-quality Top Fueler is included with the Revo 3.3. The bottle holds a full 500cc of fuel and features a long, angled, blue-anodized spout for easy filling.

Included Spare Glow Plug
and Air Filter Elements

Glow plugs and air filter elements are consumables in any nitro vehicle, so Revo 3.3 includes spares to keep you rolling! The premium-quality Traxxas glow plug is designed specifically for reliable, consistent operation in the TRX 3.3 engine, and the long-lasting foam filter elements are pre-oiled for convenient installation and maximum filtering performance.

TRX® 3.3 Racing Engine
The powerful TRX 3.3 Racing Engine is the heart of the new Revo 3.3, delivering thoroughbred race engine performance that's unbeatable on or off the track. The TRX 3.3 Racing Engine features a precision composite slide carburetor, PowerTune™ cooling head, dyno-proven IPS crankshaft, multi-port rear exhaust, and the starting convenience of the exclusive Traxxas EZ-Start ® system. Years of testing and proven performance deliver the easiest-to-tune, most dependable, most powerful Ready-To-Race® engine available. It's competition-proven power with convenience and reliability for all-day driving fun.

Mirror-Polish Resonator Dual-Chamber Aluminum Pipe
The dual chamber Resonator™ aluminum pipe delivers the most broad and linear power band from the TRX ® 3.3 Racing Engine. It's dyno-tuned to deliver torque down low for hard launches off the line and big horsepower on the top end to out-rev all comers in the neighborhood drag race. The mirror-polish finish adds show-car style and stays clean longer.

Large High-Volume Dual-Stage Air Filter
Engineered to work with all Traxxas air filter bases, the new extra large dual-stage air filter increases air flow to the TRX 3.3 Racing Engine. With more air intake, the TRX 3.3 holds an incredibly consistent tune, even during long afternoons of nonstop offroad action. The dual-stage design traps large particles in the outer element, while the inner element flows clean air to the engine. The large free flowing cylindrical design allows more air to get to the carburetor, which equals more horsepower! Revo 3.3 even includes an extra set of air filter elements to extend your driving fun.

EZ-Start® Electric Starting
Only the Traxxas EZ-Start offers the pure convenience of true one-handed operation and complete on-board, push-button electric starting. The Traxxas EZ-Start lights your glow plug and starts your engine quickly and smoothly at the push of a button. Traxxas' exclusive Smart Start™ technology monitors critical starting functions, automatically sensing and diagnosing potential problems for troublefree engine starting every time! LEDs provide realtime status, even alerting you when a glow plug has failed. Revo 3.3 includes the required 6-cell battery and charger to power the EZ-Start system for total convenience.

150cc Fuel Tank
Revo 3.3's extra-large fuel capacity lets you run longer between pit stops for more driving fun from every tankful. In addition to adding capacity and run time, the new 150cc tank has been carefully engineered to seal properly every time for consistent tuning. Inside, specially developed baffles and a sump design make sure fuel continues flowing even during the most extreme maneuvers.

Hard-anodized, PTFE-Coated GTR Shocks
The ultimate shocks for Revo, standard equipment on the new Revo 3.3. Ultra-long lasting hard-anodized, PTFE-coated aluminum GTR shocks represent the pinnacle of off-road performance, offering silky smooth damping and a serious factory-works look. Thanks to the extra tough hard-anodized finish, shock performance stays true and consistent for less maintenance and better handling, run after run.

Smooth and Durable TiN Shock shafts
Titanium Nitride coated shock shafts deliver ultra-smooth damping with nearly friction-free operation for incredibly responsive suspension action and extra long seal life. The durable titanium nitride finish offers durable, smooth, long-lasting performance.

Aluminum 17mm Splined Wheel Hub and Hex Nut
Traxxas 17mm hubs and wheel nuts provide precision alignment and unsurpassed torque handling. The splined design interlocks with the Geode wheels for a solid fit that holds tight. The ground-breaking new design also accepts traditional aftermarket 17mm hex wheels, and an easy-to-use molded wheel wrench is included for easy wheel removal and installation.

Large 6x13mm Outer Axle Bearings
The Revo 3.3's axle carriers utilize larger 6x13mm outer ball bearings that can handle 56% more static load and stress when compared to the stock 6x12mm ball bearings found on the original Revo. The large, durable, rubber-sealed ball bearings are designed to handle hours of nitro off-road action with minimal maintenance.

Steel Pivot Ball Retainers
Strong steel retainers keep the pivot balls in place even after the most brutal crash. The new axle carrier design provides all the benefits of aftermarket aluminum carriers without the penalty in weight and cost.

3D Semi-Monocoque Chassis
Revo 3.3's extended chassis design merges engineering artwork with functionality for incredible stability on rough terrain. The unique monocoque chassis is cut and formed from 3mm, 6061-T6 aluminum for a combination of rigidity and light weight that flat-plate designs can't match. The engine cradle and deep channel design provide superior strength without adding unnecessary weight, and an integrated chassis brace prevents flexing caused by engine torque.

Large Diameter Disc Brake
A large 42mm steel rotor spins between two unique semi-metallic brake pads which, when engaged, bind the drilled steel disc for powerful 4-wheel braking action. The proven design provides fast fade-free braking to bring Revo 3.3 to a stop almost as quickly as it accelerates.

Sealed Limited Slip Differentials
The Revo 3.3 features sealed, bevel-gear differentials that are filled with silicone fluid to offer a broad range of tuning options. Precision-sealed with Traxxas X-ring silicone seals, the Revo 3.3 differentials are designed for long-lasting performance and the ability to tune for specific running conditions by varying the viscosity of the fluid inside them. Built to handle extreme torque and power, these differentials offer unmatched versatility and toughness.

Super-Duty Sealed Driveshafts
The reliable and incredibly tough Revo Drivetrain utilizes sealed super-duty driveshafts throughout the driveline. Expandable rubber seals prevent friction-causing dirt from entering the half shafts. True curvilinear splines provide smooth performance and large rubber-sealed stub axle bearings are used for long-lasting, smooth running performance. Revo's sliding half shaft design is clearly superior, eliminating the metal-to-metal drive pin plunge friction that speads wear in typical metal driveshafts and the possibility of bent shafts. Plus, there's no need to limit suspension travel just to keep the drive pins from popping out of the cups. Revo's driveshafts are engineered for durable, smooth, maintenance-free operation.

Sealed Pivot Ball Suspension
Traxxas' exclusive rubber-sealed pivot balls maintain factory smooth performance even in the harshest environments. The unique design allows easy adjustment and unmatched reliability. The heavy-duty axle carriers use large diameter rubber-sealed bearings for ultra-smooth running that's practically maintenance-free.

Progressive-2 Rockers for Balanced Handling in All Conditions
Chosen specifically to optimize Revo's advanced suspension geometry, Progressive-2 rockers provide balanced bump absorption and chassis response for the best all-around performance on a wide variety of surfaces. For extreme off-roading, Long Travel rockers and springs are provided to boost Revo 3.3's suspension travel from a plush 90mm to a full 120mm for seemingly bottomless suspension travel.

The Most Suspension Travel
Revo architecture delivers the most suspension travel possible, tunable progressive damping rates, independent ride height adjustment, and the absolute highest level of control for any situation. The precision hard-anodized aluminum shocks are rigidly mounted to the chassis, protected from dirt, rocks, and crash damage.

4.25" Ground-Clearance
With its massive new Maxx tires, Revo 3.3 delivers over 4" of center ground-clearance for go-anywhere performance. Integrated skid plates protect the driveline from rocks and hard impacts.

Rubber-Sealed Ball Bearings
Precision rubber-sealed bearings offer the ultimate in super low-friction performance and maximum protection in dirt and nitro environments. They are used in all exposed locations on the truck and are virtually maintenance free.

Hex Hardware
Pro-quality, high-grade, metric hex-drive hardware is used throughout for extra strength and easy maintenance and repair. The black-oxide rust-resistant finish provides a high tech look and feel.

Pro-Quality Tools
Far superior to the throwaway tools typically included with other brands' vehicles, Revo 3.3 includes hardened steel hex keys, precision open-end wrenches, and purpose-designed specialty tools engineered for tight, lasting fits and comfortable use when tuning, customizing and enjoying your Traxxas model.


REVO 3.3 (#5309) SPECS
Length 20.65" (525mm)
Front Track 17.5" (444.5mm)
Rear Track 17.6" (447mm)
Weight (no fuel) 10.3lbs (4.69kg)
Center Ground Clearance 4.25" (108mm)
Height (overall) 11.024" (280mm)
Wheelbase 13.7" (348mm)
Front Shock Length GTR™ Aluminum 3.43" (87mm)
Rear Shock Length GTR™ Aluminum 3.43" (87mm)
Front Tires Maxx-Sized Tires 6.3"x3.8"
Rear Tires Maxx-Sized Tires 6.3"x3.8"
Wheel Diameter 3.8" (97mm)
Suspension Fully Independent Progressive 2 Rockers
Front Wheels Geode™ mirror-chrome wheels
with 17mm Splined Hex Hubs
Rear Wheels Geode™ mirror-chrome wheels
with 17mm Splined Hex Hubs
Gear Ratio (1st Gear) 25.55:1
Gear Ratio (2nd Gear) 16.31:1
Transmission OptiDrive® Auto Two-Speed FWD/REV
Differential Type Bevel Gear, Sealed, Limited Slip
Drive System Shaft-Driven 4WD
Chassis Type Extended Chassis, 3mm, 6061-T6 Aluminum
Radio System Traxxas TQi™ 2.4GHz radio system
with Docking Base (3-Channel)
Engine (fuel-powered) TRX® 3.3 Racing Engine w/ EZ-Start®
Brake Type Steel Disc with semi-metallic pads
Fuel Tank Capacity 150cc
Top Speed 45+mph
Skill Level 4

MODEL 5309: Fully assembled, Ready-To-Race®, with TQi™ 2.4GHz radio system
with Docking Base, TRX® 3.3 Racing Engine and ProGraphix® painted body.

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