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Arrma Limitless V2 1/7 Scale Speed Bash Electric 4WD All-Road Roller

Arrma Limitless V2 1/7 Scale Speed Bash Electric 4WD All-Road Roller

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Arrma Limitless V2 1/7 Scale Speed Bash Electric 4WD All-Road Roller

Introducing the Arrma Limitless V2 1/7 Scale Speed Bash Electric 4WD All-Road Roller, the pinnacle of speed and performance in the world of RC cars. This evolution of the legendary LIMITLESS Speed Bash vehicle has been "Designed FASTER" to achieve unprecedented speeds, surpassing its predecessor. Built to accommodate larger motors and ESCs, the LIMITLESS V2 Roller allows you to customize your electronics for a personalized RC supercar experience. Defying all expectations, it outperformed a real championship-winning Formula One car, reaching speeds up to 150 MPH and completing a quarter-mile in just 8.6 seconds. With a refined chassis, optimized transmission, and motor mount parts for 8S high-speed running, it guarantees stability and control at high speeds. The ultimate in speed, traction, and customization, the Arrma Limitless V2 Roller empowers you to create your own high-speed masterpiece.

About the Arrma Limitless V2 Roller:

!!!WARNING!!! Recommended for experienced drivers ONLY!

Due to the high speed potential of this RC, this model is only recommended to experienced RC drivers. Prior experience with high-powered radio controlled models is highly recommended. This model is also not intended to be used by children or minors under the age of 16. Additionally, when driving this model, an untrafficed area of 1/4 miles could be required. The area you drive in should be based on the powerplant you choose.

Arrma Limitless Chassis Photo

Performance Chassis Design

The 3mm aluminum chassis features extreme bracing to ensure rigidity. The motor positioning allows for longer motors to be used and the updated electronics module accepts larger ESCs. To hold up to extreme power, the 8S compatible has been optimized for extreme power and speed. The suspension is designed with big bore oil-filled shocks mounted to black-anodized front and rear shock towers. This main chassis design helps keep you grounded during full pulls.

Amphicyon Tire Photo

Engineered for Extremely High Speed

With the chassis accommodating the large motor of your choice, you need a drivetrain and suspension capable of extreme performance. The 39T Mod 1.0 spool accompanied by an elongated rear outdrive collaborates with a compacted rear center driveshaft, ensuring symmetrical center driveshafts and minimizing drivetrain vibrations. Furthermore, the incorporation of lower ratio GP5 gears effectively curtails centerline drivetrain speed and associated vibrations. Enhanced high-speed maneuverability is achieved through the integration of sturdier front springs and a sway bar. Meanwhile, a broader rear track enhances overall stability, culminating in a harmonious blend of precision and control.

Amphicyon Maintenance Photo

"Rattle Can Roller"

Apart from being the fastest ARRMA Speed Bash vehicle, the LIMITLESS 1/7 Scale All-Road Speed Bash Roller also stands out as the first-ever ARRMA "Rattle Can Roller." The sleek body arrives unpainted, giving you the chance to make it your own with your choice of colors. It comes with window masks and decals to make things easy. Plus, there are lines on the front and rear wings that can be adjusted to control how it moves. Get ready for the ultimate RC speed experience: add your electronics, paint the body the way you like, and create your very own high-speed RC supercar with the ARRMA LIMITLESS 1/7 Scale All-Road Speed Bash Roller!

Amphicyon Tire Photo

High-Speed Tires

The dBoots Hoons tires are mounted to speed wheels that allow for maximum traction. Large 17mm hexes are used to to aid in power delivery. The wider rear track width aids in stability and allows for greater high-speed performance.


  • Easy-access sliding motor mount
  • 3mm Chassis plate designed to accept longer motors
  • Long rear outdrive and shorter rear center driveshaft to reduce drivetrain vibration
  • Easy-access electronics module accepts larger ESCs and includes a waterproof receiver box
  • Safe-D input cups are included on the front and rear gearboxes
  • GP5 gears have a lower ratio for reduced centerline drivetrain speed and vibration
  • Wider rear track increases stability
  • Stiffer front springs and sway bar improve high-speed handling


    • (1) Arrma Limitless 1/7 Scale All-Road Speed Bash Roller
    • (1) Customizable Clear Body and Nose Cone
    • (1) Decal Sheet
    • (1) Window Mask Sheet
    • (1) Product Manual

    Complete Your Kit With:

    • (1) 2+ Channel Transmitter and Receiver
    • (1) Metal Gear, Hi-Torque Steering Servo (23T Spline, Standard Size)
    • (1) Electronic Speed Control (8S recommended)
    • (1) Motor (50 Series – Max dimensions 4.33X1.97")
    • (2) 4S LiPo Battery
    • (1) Compatible LiPo Battery Charger
    • (1) Mod 1 Pinion Gear (to suit chosen motor)


    Scale Size 1:7 Scale
    Length 28.74in (730mm)
    Width 12.28in (312mm)
    Height 6.5in (165mm)
    Wheelbase 15.98in (406mm)
    Weight 8.6lbs (3.9kg)
    Completion Level Roller*

    *Tech Note: This Chassis Roller comes preassembled and is ready to receive your electronics. Please check the needed to complete to verify you have everything you need to race or bash.

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