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Losi 1/10 22S 2WD No Prep Drag Car Roller

Losi 1/10 22S 2WD No Prep Drag Car Roller

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1/10 22S 2WD No Prep Drag Car Roller

In The Box
  • (1) Losi 1/10 22S 2WD No Prep Drag Car Roller
  • (1) Product Manual
Needed to Complete
  • (1) 2-Channel Transmitter and Receiver
  • (1) 2-3S LiPo Battery
  • (1) ESC
  • (1) Motor And Pinion Gear
  • (1) Compatible LiPo Charger
  • (1) Steering Servo
  • (1) Body And Paint
  • (1 Set) Assorted Tools (See Manual For Details)


Setting the standard in the industry for years, the Losi® 22S No Prep Drag Car Roller kit lets racers create their personalized drag race car. With the popularity of No Prep Drag Racing exploding, Losi has once again taken it to the next level with a truly innovative design and the quality workmanship drivers expect. It has all the advantages of an aluminum chassis with plenty of 22s option parts, as well as being a pre-built roller. It's designed with racers in mind with Mickey Thompson branded large rear drag racing slicks and low drag, front tires. You get an all-metal gear transmission for concrete dependability and wire routes keeping your electronics and their wires in place and clean. The Elastomer battery mounting system is quick, easy and secure. Choose the electronics and body you want to run with and fly down the dragstrip in style.


  • Aluminum Chassis
  • Officially licensed Mickey Thompson low drag front tires and rear drag racing slicks
  • All Metal Gear Transmission
  • Clean wire router installation
  • Precision Adjustable Wheelie Bar
  • Elastomer battery mounting for a versatile battery hold down system
  • Full line of Aluminum Option Parts Available
  • Mickey Thompson ET Drag Tires 
    The Foundation for Racing

    The Mickey Thompson licensed rear tires will surely give you a great grip on the road, making sure you have the ultimate traction for the high powered brushless system that is included.


    Mickey Thompson Ultra Light Front Runner Tires 
    Mickey Thompson Ultra Light Front Runner Tires

    Mickey Thompson licensed front tires will provide you with plenty of tracking while having lower drag characteristics.


    3mm Aluminum Chassis 
    3mm Aluminum Chassis

    The Drag Car Roller comes standard with the all new 3mm Aluminum chassis provides accurate and positive grip to the road when you are pushing the limits of power and traction. This chassis is designed with electronics protection, side impact guards, and a clean wire management system.


    Front Bumper with Adjustable Weight Placement 
    Front Bumper with Adjustable Weight Placement

    Fine tune the weight of the front end to keep it under control and on the ground.


    Precise Adjustable Wheelie Bar 
    Precise Adjustable Wheelie Bar

    The Drag Car Roller incorporates an adjustable wheelie bar that lets you dial in the exact position for your wheelie bar run after run.


    Elastomer Battery Straps and Adjustable Battery Position 
    Elastomer Battery Straps and Adjustable Battery Position

    Fine tune the position of your battery with the addition of elastomer battery straps and make your battery changes quick and easy. No more messing with clunky hook and loop. Simply slap your battery in, pull across the strap and hook it.


    Oil-filled Internal limited Coil-Over Spring Shocks 
    Oil-filled Internal limited Coil-Over Spring Shocks

    These shock absorbers help keep the car incredibly stable and so you can maintain total control on even the toughest drag strips. Internal limiters help eliminate body roll and keep the car planted to the track.


    Bleeder Shock Caps 
    Bleeder Shock Caps

    Bleeder caps help you fine tune your shocks and get the perfect feel every time.


    Fully Adjustable Turnbuckles 
    Fully Adjustable Turnbuckles

    For added adjustability and tune-ability, adjustable turnbuckles come standard.


    All Metal Gear Transmission 
    All Metal Gear Transmission

    The Drag Car Roller comes with an all metal gear transmission for bullet-proof reliability to withstand anything you throw at it. Get your car down the lane without the fear of a broken transmission gear!


    Sealed Gear Differential - 500,000k Oil 
    Sealed Gear Differential - 500,000k Oil

    The sealed gear differential comes standard with 500,000k diff oil installed allowing you to throw as much power as you want.


    Product Specifications

    Approximate Assembly Time 1 - 3 hours
    Body Not included
    Brakes Integral with ESC
    Scale 1/10
    Front Track 9.9" (252mm)
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