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Atmospheric Turbo Racer Car

Atmospheric Turbo Racer Car

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Atmospheric Turbo Racer Car

Build and power your own race car while learning about air pressure. This kit comes with an engine, wheels, gas nozzle, water tank and air pump. Fill the bottle with water and pump air into the gas nozzle to power the race car. Watch how fast your car can go!

Learn while you play!
Complete with a learning booklet, children can learn about air pressure while building their own race car.

Experiment as you build!
Short activities are included to experiment with air molecules and air pressure as you assemble your car.

All in one kit!
This kit comes complete with an engine, air pump and gas nozzle.

Fun for all!

This set is the perfect hands on experience for children to learn about air pressure in a fun-filled activity that the whole family can participate in, assembling or racing!

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