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Axial SCX24/AX24 Brass Knuckles (2) (12.5g)

Axial SCX24/AX24 Brass Knuckles (2) (12.5g)

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Axial SCX24/AX24 Brass Knuckles (2) (12.5g)

Axial SCX24/AX24 Brass Knuckles. Constructed from heavy weight brass these optional knuckles offer increased strength while adding weight down low on your SCX24 or AX24 rock crawler. Adding 25g of total weight that can make a noticeable performance difference and can be paired with Axial Brass Knuckle weights (AXI302004) for even more additional weight. Package includes one left side knuckle, one right side knuckle and two ball studs.

NOTE: Please note orientation when installing knuckles and use supplied ball studs.

  • Axial AX24
  • Axial SCX24
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