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Arrma DBoots Hoons 53/107 2.9 Belted 5-Spoke Pre-mounted Tires (2) (Silver)

Arrma DBoots Hoons 53/107 2.9 Belted 5-Spoke Pre-mounted Tires (2) (Silver)

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Arrma DBoots Hoons 53/107 2.9 Belted 5-Spoke Pre-mounted Tires (2) (Silver)

Arrma DBoots Hoons 53/107 2.9 Belted 5-Spoke Premounted Tires are 4.21" tall and 2.09" wide, making them taller and wider than the standard 3.94x1.69" Hoons tires. These tires are available in standard white, as well as optional silver and gold compounds

 To use these larger 4.21" (107mm) diameter tires on the rear in any application other than the Arrma Felony, with a standard standard 3.94" (100mm) diameter tires on the front, you must change the ratio of the gearboxes to account for the different rollout values. To do this use GP5 gears in the front gearbox and GP6 gears in the rear gearbox:
  • FRONT:
    • ARA311016 - MAIN INPUT GEAR 15T GP5
    • ARA311017 - MAIN DIFF GEAR 42T GP5
  • REAR:
    • ARA311018 - MAIN INPUT GEAR 14T GP6
    • ARA311019 - MAIN DIFF GEAR 45T GP6
  • Tires:
    • Multi-surface all-road tires for awesome traction in all conditions
    • Molded-in belt to aid stability at high speeds
    • High-quality rubber for long-lasting durability
    • Pre-glued for trouble-free fit and servicing
  • Wheels: 
    • Multi-spoke design for stylish looks and increased strength
    • Tough nylon for durability on all surfaces
    • Black color for head-turning ARRMA styling
    • 17mm Hex for strength during extreme driving action and easy servicing
  • Inserts: 
    • High-quality inserts with excellent support for the tire tread
    • Specially designed to give the perfect balance of aggressive grip and easy handling characteristics
  • Compounds: See resources tab above for tire compound chart
    • Gold - Soft compound, lowest speed rating
    • White - Stock compound
    • Silver - Hard compound, highest speed rating
    Inner Wheel bead diameter: 3.27" (83mm)
    Outer Wheel bead diameter: 2.95" (75mm)
    Width: 2.09" (53mm)
    Wheel hex size: 17mm
    Overall diameter: 4.21" (107mm)

    • (2) Black Five Spoke Wheels with pre-glued dBoots Hoons tires
    • Arrma Felony 6S BLX
    • Arrma Infraction V2 6S BLX
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