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E-flite UMX P-51D Mustang "Detroit Miss" Basic BNF Electric Airplane (493mm) w/AS3X & SAFE

E-flite UMX P-51D Mustang "Detroit Miss" Basic BNF Electric Airplane (493mm) w/AS3X & SAFE

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E-flite UMX P-51D Mustang "Detroit Miss" Basic BNF Electric Airplane (493mm) w/AS3X & SAFE

Legendary WWII Fighter Replica with AS3X Technology

On October 7th, 1944, Urban L. Drew, also known as "Ben" Drew, achieved a historic feat as one of only three USAAF pilots to encounter the new Messerschmitt Me 262 jet fighter during a combat mission over enemy territory. Flying his personal P-51D Mustang named "Detroit Miss," he became the first and only Allied pilot to shoot down two of these revolutionary jet-powered aircraft. The E-flite UMX P-51D Mustang pays homage to this history-making aircraft, meticulously replicating its scale details and offering impressive handling and outstanding performance. Equipped with exclusive Spektrum AS3X technology and optional-use SAFE Select features, combined with a 2S and 3S compatible power system, this ultra-micro Mustang delivers an unparalleled flying experience.

About the P-51D Mustang “Detroit Miss”

The E-flite UMX P-51D Mustang is an ultra-micro replica of the iconic WWII fighter, famous for being the first to shoot down two Messerschmitt Me 262 jets. Modelled after the warbird version of the UMX P-51D Voodoo racer, it features AS3X and SAFE Select technologies, 2S and 3S battery compatibility, and real-time battery telemetry. With fixed landing gear, it's easy to taxi, take off, and land on smooth surfaces, or remove the landing gear for increased speed and vertical performance. Its ultra-micro size allows for versatile flying in various locations.

Powerful Performance

The pre-installed brushless power system boasts a versatile outrunner motor compatible with both 2S and 3S batteries. Experience comparable performance to the original setup with 2S 280–300mAh batteries (a suitable JST-RCY to JST-PH adapter, such as SPMXCA327, may be necessary). Alternatively, unleash unmatched speed and unlimited vertical performance by flying with 3S 300mAh batteries, making it one of the fastest UMX models available.


The Mustang is equipped with exclusive Spektrum AS3X and SAFE Select technologies. AS3X provides stability by minimizing the impact of wind and turbulence, offering a solid and precise flying experience akin to larger aircraft. Optional-use SAFE Select enhances ease of flight with pitch and bank angle limits, as well as automatic self-leveling that can be easily activated or deactivated.



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