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Extra Hard Steel 32P Pinion Gear w/5mm Bore (17T)

Extra Hard Steel 32P Pinion Gear w/5mm Bore (17T)

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Extra Hard Steel 32P Pinion Gear w/5mm Bore (17T)

Robinson Racing Extra Hard Blackened Steel 32 Pitch Pinion gears are built to last. Made from high carbon steel and then heat treated to increase the hardness of the surface even more. High carbon steel is naturally higher in lubricity and lower in adhesion than milder grades of steel making these gears ideal for use with metal spur gears. Can be run on motors using a 5mm motor shaft including Traxxas, Associated, and HPI models or for any heavy duty application. Standard 1/8 shaft motors will require a 5mm to 1/8 inch Reducer Sleeve (RRP1200). These pinions are available in a variety of tooth count options. Choose one from the pull down menu above. 


  • Extra hard high carbon construction
  • For use with the Robinson Racing GEN3 steel slipper units
  • 5mm Bore Fits 5mm motor shaft
  • Available in multiple tooth count options, use the pull down menu above to pick the size you need 


  • RRP1200 5 m/m to 1/8 inch Reducer Sleeve required for 1/8 inch shaft motors.
  • 32 pitch and .8 module gears can be used together with no adverse affects such as increased noise or increased wear. The difference is that .8 module gears have a slightly larger outside diameter per tooth, roughly .00027 of an inch.  


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