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Arrma Shock Piston Set (2) Fe/Fi/In/Li/Mo/Kr/No/Ou/Ta/Ty 6

Arrma Shock Piston Set (2) Fe/Fi/In/Li/Mo/Kr/No/Ou/Ta/Ty 6

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Arrma Shock Piston Set (2)

 Fe/Fi/In/Li/Mo/Kr/No/Ou/Ta/Ty 6S

This high quality shock piston set provides both replacement parts for your kit supplied items and optional tuning parts for your kit shock absorbers.


  • Strong and durable composite material for long-lasting performance and consistent shock action in all conditions
  • Various shock piston hole configurations for fast and easy shock action adjustments
  • Blank pistons included for custom drilling of hole configuration and size


  • (2) 6 hole 1.2mm pistons
  • (2) 6 hole 1.3mm pistons
  • (2) 6 hole 1.4mm pistons
  • (4) blank pistons
  • (2) shock O-ring spacers
  • (2) shock bottom cap guides



  • Arrma Big Rock 6S BLX
  • Arrma Felony 6S BLX
  • Arrma Fireteam 6S BLX
  • Arrma Infraction 6S BLX
  • Arrma Infraction V2 6S BLX
  • Arrma Kraton 6S BLX
  • Arrma Limitless
  • Arrma Mojave 6S BLX
  • Arrma Nero 6S BLX
  • Arrma Notorious 6S BLX
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