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Proline 1/10 Pre-Assembled Pro-Spec Front Shocks: Short Course

Proline 1/10 Pre-Assembled Pro-Spec Front Shocks: Short Course

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1/10 Pre-Assembled Pro-Spec Front Shocks: Short Course

In The Box
  • All Components required to build a pair of Front Pro-Spec Shocks
  • PRO630802 Pro-Spec Delrin Piston & Guide Tree
  • PRO630803 Pro-Spec Plastic Tree
  • PRO630804 Pro-Spec Shock O-Rings
  • PRO630805 Pro-Spec Shock Hardware
  • PRO630806 Pro-Spec Shock Cartridges
  • PRO630807 Pro-Spec Front Shock Shafts
  • PRO630809 Pro-Spec Front Shock Bodies
  • PRO630813 Pro-Spec Front Yellow (Medium) Springs


  • Smoothest Shocks Pro-Line has Ever Made
  • Pre-Assembled, Just Fill and Go
  • 12mm Big Bore Technology
  • Single Low Friction X-Ring Seal
  • Silky Smooth White Delrin Shaft Guides and Pistons
  • Optional Pistons and Limiters Included
  • Easy Access Bleeder Cap Screw
  • Hard Chrome Coated 3.5mm Shock Shaft
  • Optional Spring Rates available separately (PRO630821)
  • Will work with Hardware kit (PRO606305)
  • Pro-Spec PRO630831 Rear also Available


The next generation of Pro-Line Shock Technology has arrived: Pro-Line Pro-Spec Shocks! Now available Pre-Assembled, just fill with your choice of shock oil (not included). Every last detail has been refined to give you the best performing and best looking Shocks ever made. The Pro-Spec Shocks are a 12mm Big Bore design with a Single Low Friction X-Ring Seal. The Pistons and Shaft Guides are made from Silky Smooth White Delrin for Low Stiction and the 3.5mm thick Shock Shaft is Hard Chrome Coated, just like full-scale racing shocks.

The Pro-Spec Shocks feature an easy access Bleeder Cap Screw for consistent shock builds every time. Each pair of Pro-Spec Shocks includes 3 different piston options (1.4, 1.6 & 1.8) and a blank piston for drilling to a custom size. Custom Shock Tightening Tools and optional shock limiters are also included. Optional Pro-Spec Springs are available separately (PRO630821). Upper and lower shock pivot balls are included so you can fit a wider range of vehicles right out of the box.

Experience the Performance of Pro-Line’s Next Generation Shock Technology for yourself - Get Pro-Spec Shocks!

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