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High-Torque Maxx Servo

High-Torque Maxx Servo

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High-Torque Maxx Servo

The High Torque Maxx Servo is the ultimate steering upgrade for your X-Maxx®, XRT®, or Maxx®. With a staggering 650 ounce-inches of torque and full steel gears, the High Torque Maxx Servo delivers total steering authority on even the largest Sledgehammer® tires. The case features an anodized aluminum center section with cooling fins and ball bearings for increased precision. The servo includes a stiffer servo saver spring and steel steering linkage for maximum steering authority and control during high speed driving. Servo requires Maxx® mount found in Maxx, X-Maxx®, and XRT®. Does not fit other vehicles.


  • Fits X-Maxx, XRT, and Maxx trucks
  • Fully waterproof, not “water resistant”
  • Compatible with Traxxas Stability Management® (TSM)
  • 650 oz-in torque at 6.0 volts
  • 0.13 sec/60° at 6.0 volts
  • Full steel gears
  • Full ball bearings
  • Aluminum center case with cooling fins
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