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Yokomo 30x30x10mm Racing Performer HYPER Cooling fan

Yokomo 30x30x10mm Racing Performer HYPER Cooling fan

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Yokomo 30x30x10mm Racing Performer HYPER Cooling fan

This is the Yokomo Performer Racing HYPER Cooling Fan. Coming in at a square 35mm x 35mm, with a 15mm thickness, this unique fan can push a large volume of air to force cool your motor or ESC.

The Yokomo HYPER cooling fan features a larger 35x35mm housing construction while retaining the traditional 30x30mm screw pattern. Additionally, the HYPER fan is also thicker than most fans, coming in at around 15mm. With this construction, the funnel shaped housing effectively captures the air for the best cooling effect.

This fan includes a 15cm extension cord; simply mount the fan in the chassis and plug it into a BEC unit for operation.

  • Team Associated RC10 B64D
  • Team Associated RC10 B74 Original
  • Team Associated RC10 B74.1
  • Team Associated RC10 B74.1D
  • Team Associated RC10B6 Original
  • Team Associated RC10B6.1
  • Team Associated RC10B6.1D
  • Team Associated RC10B6.2
  • Team Associated RC10B6.2D
  • Team Associated RC10B6.4D
  • Team Associated RC10B6D
  • Yokomo BD10
  • Yokomo BD7 2014
  • Yokomo BD7 2015
  • Yokomo BD7 2016
  • Yokomo BD7 Original
  • Yokomo BD8 2017
  • Yokomo YR-X12 2019
  • Yokomo YZ-2 CA
  • Yokomo YZ-2 DT
  • Yokomo YZ-2 Original
  • Yokomo YZ-4 Original
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