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Mugen Seiki

Glow Igniter w/Meter & Battery

Glow Igniter w/Meter & Battery

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Mugen Seiki Glow Igniter w/Meter & Battery

The Mugen Seiki Glow Igniter with Meter and Battery is a great option for powering up the glow plug in your nitro engine. This glow ignitor comes with a preinstalled 1.2V 1800mAh battery for ease of use. Package includes one glow ignitor.

Needed to Complete:

  • (1) Glow ignitor charger
  • Mugen MBX5 Original
  • Mugen MBX5R
  • Mugen MBX5T
  • Mugen MBX6 Original
  • Mugen MBX6R
  • Mugen MBX6T
  • Mugen MBX7 Original
  • Mugen MBX7T Original
  • Mugen MBX7TR
  • Mugen MBX8 Original
  • Mugen MBX8R
  • Mugen MBX8R ECO
  • Mugen MBX8T Original
  • Mugen MBX8TR
  • Mugen MBX8TR ECO
  • Mugen MGT7 Original
  • Mugen MGT7E
  • Mugen MRX3
  • Mugen MRX4X
  • Mugen MRX6
  • Mugen MTX3
  • Mugen MTX4R
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