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Noble NB4 TX Mini-Z EVO RX x2

Noble NB4 TX Mini-Z EVO RX x2

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Noble NB4 TX Mini-Z EVO RX x2

Equipped with numerous features compatible with the Mini-Z EVO chassis

High-end R/C system with both portability and high functionality

Flysky's "Noble NB4" is a 2.4GHz high-end transmitter that is perfect for stepping up from the middle range or beginner model transmitters that come with the Readyset Mini-Z models. In addition to the performance required of high-end R/C systems, the Noble NB4's main feature is a full-color touch panel display that controls all functions and settings. A wide variety of menus including endpoint adjust, exponential, ABS, and model memory (for 20 cars) can be operated like a smartphone. In addition, since the various setting screens have a graphical design, anyone can change the settings intuitively and easily. Another innovative idea is the wheel mount that rotates 180 degrees, which can be changed to left-handed specifications without changing any parts. In addition, a detachable external battery that can also be used as a mobile battery, and two Mini-Z EVO chassis receivers are included.

The high visibility 3.5 inch full color touch panel display makes it easy to adjust various settings using icons and graphics. Firmware updates are available on the Kyosho website.

The transmitter power supply includes a 2600mAh Li-ion battery built into the grip, and a 4300mAh Li-Po removable battery that also functions as the base of the transmitter. You can charge the removable battery with the included USB cable and also use it to charge other devices using it's USB output.

The Noble NB4 has a compact design compared to other transmitters, but by rotating the wheel mount, storage is further improved, and portability is greatly improved. A unique mechanism of Noble NB4 is that you can rotate the wheel mount 180 degrees. This eliminates the need for additional parts or dis-assembly when used by left-handed people.

Two Mini-Z Evo receivers are included in this set, which is ideal for those with multiple Mini-Z Evo models.

Included in set
Removable 4200mah Li-Po battery
Large type grip handle
USB charging cord
2X 82151-03 Mini-Z Evo receivers

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