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Arrma 6S HD Wing Mount System (Black)

Arrma 6S HD Wing Mount System (Black)

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RPM Arrma 6S HD Wing Mount System (Black)

This is the RPM Arrma 6S HD Wing Mount System. Designed to be a super tough option for your 6S Arrma vehicle this mount can handle some serious abuse. RPM uses a proprietary engineering grade nylon to create incredible strong plastics along with revising designs to beef up areas prone to breakage. By added in a strengthening rib that extends rearwards, creating a T-shape RPM has been able to provide additional durability.


  • Fits most ARRMA 6S vehicles running stock Arrma Wing Mounts (ARA320347)
  • Not compatible with the Arrma Wheelie Bar Set (ARA320366)


  • (2) Wing Mounts
  • (1) Skid Plate
  • (1) Brace
  • Installation Hardware
  • Arrma Kraton 6S BLX
  • Arrma Outcast 6S BLX
  • Arrma Talion 6S BLX
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