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Slash Carbon Rear Drag Tower (Lower Ride Height)

Slash Carbon Rear Drag Tower (Lower Ride Height)

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Slash Carbon Rear Drag Tower (Lower Ride Height)

This is an optional Exotek Traxxas Slash Lower Ride Height Carbon Rear Drag Tower, a heavy duty street racing low profile shock tower for the 2wd Slash. 

  • Multi hole settings lowers the ride height when using the stock long shocks and also extra mounting holes that allow you to use shorter front shocks on the rear.
  • Wider tower so that you have the option to mount the shocks more straight up and are ideal for drag racing.
  • 4mm thick carbon fiber for an extra stiff tower that attaches to an alloy base for super secure mounting to your gear box.
  • The alloy base also provides more secure camber rod mounting for less camber flex and more consistent handling.
  • Traxxas Slash 2wd
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