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Sledge Complete High-Output LED Light Set

Sledge Complete High-Output LED Light Set

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Sledge Complete High-Output LED Light Set

Traxxas Sledge Complete High-Output LED Light Set. This High-Output Light Kit extends your fun into the night with dual front light bars to illuminate the path ahead. A rear light bar with integrated brake lights allows you to track Sledge’s progress from behind. The smart brake lights work when brakes are applied in both forward and reverse directions. This eliminates the common and annoying problem with generic aftermarket systems that turn on the brake lights while reversing. The Sledge’s rugged roof skid protects the light bars against impacts with fully waterproof construction for worry-free performance.


  • Dual Front and Single Rear LED Lightbars
  • Sealed Waterproof Design
  • Functional Brake and Reverse Lights
  • Three Lighting Modes: Daytime, Low-beam, and High-beam
  • High-Voltage Power Amplifier Controllable Through the Traxxas Link App


  • Roof Skid with LED's
  • Front Bumper with LED's
  • Breakaway Cable
  • High Voltage Power Amplifier
  • Mounting Hardware
  • Traxxas Sledge
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