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SRD-V3 7.4V-6000mAh-250C Shorty Softcase Drag Racing pack

SRD-V3 7.4V-6000mAh-250C Shorty Softcase Drag Racing pack

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SMC SRD-V3 7.4V-6000mAh-250C Shorty Softcase Drag Racing pack

6000mAh-7.4V Shorty Drag pack.   Designed for the Top Alcohol and Pro Mod class using 2S packs and will fit the popular RTR drag kits from AE , Traxxas and Losi.


Our SRD-V3 packs are an evolution of our popular SRD-V2 line of packs.  The cells used in these packs are custom made for us using the most advanced materials which results in reduced voltage drop under load.  We believe these to be the most powerful cells on the market to date.

The SRD-V3 packs are 2P (2 cells in parallel). Contrary to what is being said by some of our competitors and racers the number of cells in parallel has no impact on the voltage drop of the pack unless you add cells to make the pack bigger.    A bigger/heavier pack will have less voltage drop assuming it’s made with the same cells.   Most companies offering drag and speed run packs are just using cells that factories are already using for other applications, and they achieve the voltage drop desired by adding cells in parallel.  SMC is works directly with the factories engineer to design cells at a proper size/weight to optimize voltage drop under load.   The cell design can improve the voltage drop under the highest amp loads. 

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