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2S LiPo Battery Pack 20C (7.4V/600mAh)

2S LiPo Battery Pack 20C (7.4V/600mAh)

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Dynamite 2S LiPo Battery Pack 20C (7.4V/600mAh)

This is a replacement Dynamite 2S LiPo 20C Battery Pack. Dynamite's 7.4V, 600mAh, 20C Li-Po battery delivers longer run times and improved overall performance for the Sprintjet 9" Self-Righting Jet Boat.

  • Long run times translate into more time boating and less time charging
  • More reliable than competition’s Ni-MH and Ni-Cd cells
  • Notice enhanced performance using Dynamite Li-Po's
  • Long battery lifespan
  • True 20C continuous discharge rate
Type: LiPo 
Capacity: 600mAh 
Voltage: 7.4V 
Connector Type: EC3 
Number of Cells: 2S 
Configuration: 2S 
Maximum Continuous Discharge : 20C
  • Pro Boat Power Boat Racer Deep V
  • Pro Boat Sprintjet
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