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RC Tool Set (8)

RC Tool Set (8)

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Tamiya RC Tool Set (8)

The Tamiya RC Tool Set is great for assembling R/C models and includes medium and large sized Phillips screwdrivers (+), a flathead screwdriver (-), 5.5mm and 7mm box wrench, and three hex wrenches of 1.5mm, 2mm, and 2.5mm. Also included is a removable grip which can be connected to each screwdriver. The stand and the transparent cover offer convenient and handy use.

  • Screwdriver (+) M 2.0-2.6mm screws
  • Screwdriver (+) L 3-5mm screws
  • Screwdriver (-) Engine adjustment screws
  • Box Wrench 5.5mm 3mm nuts
  • Box Wrench 7mm 4mm flange lock nuts for wheels
  • Hex Wrench 1.5mm 3×3mm grub screws
  • Hex Wrench 2mm 3mm hex screws and 2.6mm cap screws
  • Hex Wrench 2.5mm 3mm cap screws


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